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Since 2010, United Mailing Services has offered businesses a wide variety of printing options through our Print to Mail Line.

The printers at our facilities produce a clear image that is comparable in quality to offset. Our machines are capable of printing on a full range of paper stock, perfect for your next direct marketing or trans-promotional mailing.

UMS also offers you the services of our digital production color presses. These can be used to create a full array of crisp and colorful products that are sure to catch the eye of your customer.

Our high-speed inkjet equipment specializes in quality barcode and addressing printing. We provide inkjet product lines to customers who have a finalized piece ready for variable addressing or one that requires a final static field.

Valuing convenience and maximizing efficiencies, our “Print on Demand” feature allows you to update your jobs in real time, limiting the amount of stock that has to be kept in storage and ensuring that time-sensitive material reaches its destination as fast as possible. As a result, your customers will receive a highly personalized piece of mail with relevant information that leads to a higher read percentage, more leads generated, and a faster response time.

Our latest expansion has been in Large Format Printing with the addition of our HP Latex Series Printer. The HP Process has the ability to produce exceptional looking indoor and outdoor prints. It also manages to create a durable and good-looking product while still remaining environmentally friendly and not creating any VOC’s.

Throughout the whole process, you’ll be helped by our experienced Data Management Department. This means your job will be completed using the lowest accurate postage rate, maximizing your savings. Visit our Webstore, click here UMS Print Solution